5th BioCeuticals Research Symposium

We are gearing up for the 5th BioCeuticals Research Symposium.

This event is set to be held in Sydney from the 21-23rd of April 2017, and is a 3 day masterclass that delves into personalised medicine.

Amongst the high calibre featured speakers is Dr Steven Sandberg-Lewis ND, SIBO and functional gastroenterology expert, who will be weaving us through the intricacies of SIBO.

This symposium not only reveals functional gastroenterology insights, but will also focus on the latest in endocrinology, toxicology, and genomics.

SIBOtest is a proud sponsor of this event.

See you there!

SIBOtest Team

The Healthy Gut interviews Dr Nirala Jacobi

Check out The Healthy Gut Podcast, episode 4, to catch Dr Nirala Jacobi’s recent interview with Rebecca Coomes of The Healthy Gut.

Dr Jacobi speaks about SIBO testing, the difference between hydrogen & methane dominant SIBO and her SIBO Bi-Phasic Diet protocol.

You’ll also gain insights into SIFO (small intestinal fungal overgrowth), what to do when food sensitivities present, and supporting the MMC (migrating motor complex) with various herbal medicines and supplements.

We have more exciting news – The SIBO Doctor Podcast is launching soon! Let us know what you’d like to learn about with the upcoming SIBO Doctor podcasts in the comments below.

Remember to head to the SIBO Summit page for instant access to hours of recent cutting edge SIBO information recorded at the SIBO Summit 2016.  These feature presentations by Dr Allison Siebecker, Dr Jason Hawrelak, Dr Nirala Jacobi, Alyssa Tait, Dr Iggy Soosay and Rebecca Coomes.

What can my patient eat during SIBO treatment?

It can be difficult for patients to navigate restricted food terrain, especially if they are relatively new to this concept as a part of a therapeutic protocol.

Luckily for us, Rebecca Coomes (of My Healthy Gut) has put together beautiful SIBO friendly cookbooks that specifically adhere to Nirala Jacobi’s BiPhasic Diet. (Of course, a BiPhasic Diet protocol arrives free to your patient as part of  any kit ordered too)

What an excellent resource.

Rebecca also has a youtube channel dedicated to sharing SIBO friendly recipes.

So if you’ve just had your patient’s SIBO results return and treatment is indicated, we invite you to share this brilliant recipe index with them to help them glide through with invigorated flavour.

If your patients are also looking for diet and lifestyle adjustment inspiration (from someone who has been a SIBO patient herself) be sure to show them Rebecca’s story too.

The basics of SIBO


Normally, bacteria are found in the trillions in the LARGE INTESTINE, where they perform various symbiotic functions for the human body.

SIBO is a condition where bacterial overgrowth occurs in the absorptive area of the body the SMALL INTESTINE.

Watch our short, informative video