What can my patient eat during SIBO treatment?

It can be difficult for patients to navigate restricted food terrain, especially if they are relatively new to this concept as a part of a therapeutic protocol.

Luckily for us, Rebecca Coomes (of My Healthy Gut) has put together beautiful SIBO friendly cookbooks that specifically adhere to Nirala Jacobi’s BiPhasic Diet. (Of course, a BiPhasic Diet protocol arrives free to your patient as part of  any kit ordered too)

What an excellent resource.

Rebecca also has a youtube channel dedicated to sharing SIBO friendly recipes.

So if you’ve just had your patient’s SIBO results return and treatment is indicated, we invite you to share this brilliant recipe index with them to help them glide through with invigorated flavour.

If your patients are also looking for diet and lifestyle adjustment inspiration (from someone who has been a SIBO patient herself) be sure to show them Rebecca’s story too.