SIBO Fundamentals


Dr Allison Siebecker and Dr Jason Hawrelak

Take our SIBO Fundamentals Course to rapidly improve your understanding of the basics of SIBO and the role of pre and probiotics in SIBO treatment.

3 hours of video content from SIBO Experts  + Quiz and Certificate.

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We recommend all SIBO Practitioners start with this introductory course, and to complete the quiz.

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SIBO Fundamentals Course

Foundations of SIBO Assessment and Treatment

Topics covered

  • Underlying SIBO causes and risk factors
  • SIBO testing interpretation
  • Overall treatment approach (with diagrams)
  • SIBO treatment algorithm
  • Pre and probiotics in SIBO treatment

Module 1: SIBO: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

Lesson: Dr Allison Siebecker ND –

Interest in Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) has been increasing ever since it was identified as an underlying cause of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, the most common gastrointestinal disorder worldwide.

The newest research is revealing what causes SIBO and how symptoms are generated. SIBO symptoms include bloating, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea and food intolerances. Many conditions cause these symptoms but SIBO can be identified by a simple hydrogen/methane Breath Test. Once identified, treatment can offer remarkable benefits. Standard SIBO treatments include Diet, Herbal Antibiotics, Pharmaceutical Antibiotics, Elemental Formulas and Prokinetics.

Dr. Siebecker shares a treatment algorithm and lots of clinical pearls. Recorded 10 October 2016 at the SIBO Summit in Melbourne Australia

Module 2: Probiotics and Prebiotics in SIBO Management

Lesson: Dr Jason Hawrelak PhD ND –

Are all prebiotics contraindicated? Or are only some prebiotic compounds best avoided in patients with SIBO? Can prebiotics even play a therapeutic role?

Jason will be answering these questions and using case studies to demonstrate how select probiotics and prebiotics can be effective tools in the treatment of SIBO. Recorded 10 October 2016 at the SIBO Summit in Melbourne Australia

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