Breathing and GI Health with Mim Beim

In this episode of The SIBO Doctor podcast, Dr Nirala Jacobi is in conversation with Mim Beim about the effect of the breath on the digestive tract. Mim has 30 years of naturopathic experience, she has authored books, and is a respected naturopathic voice in the media. Mim has also held lecturing positions at the Australian College of Natural Therapies (ACNT) and has two practices.

Topics discussed include:

  • Mim’s story and how she came to Buteyko breathing.
  • Physiological effects of Buteyko breathing.
  • What actually happens with Buteyko breathing?
  • Overbreathing – chronic hyperventilation (breathing more than we metabolically need) and the effect of losing too much carbon dioxide.
  • What are the effects of increasing carbon dioxide in the body in minuscule amounts?
  • Digestive conditions and the breath.
  • What improvements and symptomatic relief has Mim seen with Buteyko breathing with SIBO and digestive conditions?
    • Nitric oxide improving the functioning of sphincters and how this affects the digestive tract.
  • An example of a Buteyko breathing exercise – a live exercise

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